Learn more about Food Souq

What is Food Souq Marketplace?

We have developing a platform for Muslim consumers to be able to access a wide variety of halal friendly food & drinks. Think of it has a digital version of a food market, with many vendors selling tasty food. You can shop and enjoy the variety from the comfort of your home

What is meant by 'Halal Friendly'?

'Halal Friendly' is our term for grouping products which are suitable for a halal diet.

We feel this term covers products which are typically stated as 'halal' and other products which may not but do need to halal suitable (e.g. sauces, pastes etc.)

All meat products will be halal certified, with the certifications stated.

Non meat products may not be halal certified, however we will check ingredients to ensure they are suitable for a halal diet.

When will the marketplace be live?

We are currently working towards a phase 1 to be launched in August 2024, however this will be available to limited audience only - to have access you will need to on our mailing list. Submit your email address at bottom of the page to be notified.

Phase 2 will be shortly after and will be open to public.

As you can appreciate with any business and technology, it takes time and we are passionate about bringing to you a valuable service even if it takes a little longer.

Which areas will you cover?

We will be working with vendors who deliver nationwide.

There may be some vendors who only deliver locally, which will be clearly stated. However our aim is to work with all vendors to support them with nationwide delivery.

How will delivery work?

In the initial phases each vendor will fulfil and delivery orders directly. This will mean your items may be delivered at different times, each vendor page will state their average delivery timescales.

As we grow and expand our services we will be reviewing this approach.

How much will delivery cost?

For the initial phases we are working with vendors to have a set flat fee for delivery.

In future phases this may change, however our commitment is to work with vendors to be able to offer a reasonable delivery cost model to make it cost effective for our customers.

Will I need to place separate orders with each vendor?

No - the beauty of a marketplace means you will be able to purchase from multiple vendors from one place and may one payment.

No longer need to visit multiple websites or send multiple IG messages to order.

Please see question regarding delivery.

What are the type of products which will be available?

On the Food Souq Marketplace you will be able to purchase a variety of food & drink products, to fill your cupboards, fridges and freezers.

We have sourced brands & products who sell:

  • Fresh meat / poultry
  • Spices
  • Sauces
  • Cold meats
  • Snacks
  • Sweet
  • Ready meals
  • Drinks
  • & more

How can I sell my products on the marketplace?

If you are interested a vendor on our marketplace send us a message via the contact form and a team member will follow up. Message Us